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Help From Home

user profile image June 22nd, 2010 by Brittany Cohan - Comments (1)

Help on Facebook

*Become a fan/”like” Mark Neumann: Join the movement online

*Post on the fanpage: Comment and show your support for Mark

*Share links on your page to share with your friends: Post them on your page and on the fan page too.


Help on Twitter

*Follow Retweet Mark’s tweets and also tweets with positive mentions of Mark.

*Find fellow conservatives and follow them: Build your conservative network (#tcot)

*Use the campaign’s hashtags: #markforgov #wigov #wipolitics

*Find links/information and tweet out the links: Spread the word about Mark.


Check out Flickr

*Add your pictures: Have you met Mark? Add your photos to your account and let us know where we can find them

*Add a caption and share: why you support Mark Neumann for Governor

*Show them to your friends/family: Print off pictures, share them and show them where Mark has been in the state and his Main Street visits


Make a profile

*“Join the Team”: Enter your email and zip code and start a profile

*Meet other Mark Neumann supporters: Send friend requests

*Create events: Host family/friends at your house to discuss the issues

*Write down your thoughts: Post blogs and comment on the blogs of others.

*Start a group: Connect with other supporters who care about the same things you do.


Start a blog

*Red State: Create a diary and write posts about Mark and WI issues

*Smart Girl Politics: Connect with other conservative women and write posts

about the growing grassroots movement here in WI for Mark Neumann

*Daily Paul: Start a blog, connect and spread the word about Mark

*Blogspot: Post about local issues, spread the message across the internet

*Wordpress: Write stories, do your own research and get the message out


Print Campaign Materials from Home

*Print out flyers: Go door to door in your neighborhood; Pass them out to family and friends; Show others how they can do the same

*Print up each issue from the issues page: Get to know where Mark stands and help others


Be informed

*Read the “Issues” pages: There are detailed explanations/plans on those pages

*Watch the videos posted online: Mark answers weekly Facebook/Twitter questions; Plus video from events and commercials are also posted online

*Know the candidate: Mark has a vision and a plan for Wisconsin- his resume and detailed information is on the site.  The best way to be an advocate for Mark is to know about Mark and everything is available on the website.


Good stuff, Brittany, thanks!

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