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You can spread Mark’s conservative message from the comfort of your home, just create the suggested packets and print them from home or from your local print shop (ex: FedEx Kinko’s).




1. Book cover (Download and print)
This is the cover for Mark's book, for best quality image have it printed at your local print shop or Fed Ex Kinko's.

2. Foreward (Download and print)
Mark begins his book with the story of how he first got called to politics and tells the story of taking on his own party and getting kicked off the Appropriations Committee when he first came to Congress for standing on principle.

3. Chapter 1: Cut Government Spending and Reduce Taxes (Download and print)
Mark's detailed plan to cut spending and lower taxes and budgetary projections are all included in chapter one of his book.

4. Chapter 2: The Biggest One-Year Tax Cut in Wisconsin History (Download and print)
Mark's plan to cut property taxes is explained and included in chapter two. Learn more about this detailed plan by reading this chapter and learning about this plan you can opt into under a Neumann Administration.

5. Chapter 3: Create 300,000 New Jobs in Wisconsin (Download and print)
Learn about Mark's "Research Triangle" Plan modeled after the successful plan used in North Carolina to create jobs. The plan is detailed in chapter three of Mark's book.

6. Chapter 4: The Best Educated Children in the World (Download and print)
Mark's goal for Wisconsin is to have the best educated children in the world. With a background in education, he is best-suited to accomplish just that. Neumann will enact a comprehensive education plan within his first 60 days in office. Read Mark's detailed plan in chapter four.

7. Chapter 5: Restore the Constitution (Download and print)
Mark understands that the States must serve as a check on the federal government should it overstep its Constitutional authority. As Governor, Mark Neumann will fight to uphold the Constitution. Read Mark's pledge and plan to restore the Constitution when he is elected Governor in chapter five.

8. Chapter 6: Rebuild Wisconsin Industry (Download and print)
Mark's plan starts with the best educated high school graduates in the world, continues with advanced research degree programs that provide companies with the R&D talent they need, and finishes with job-training and continuing education opportunities to allow employees and businesses to remain competitive. Read the full plan in chapter six.

9. Chapter 7: Strengthen Rural Wisconsin (Download and print)
Mark will actively work with local leaders in agriculture and business to promote business expansion and development opportunities in rural Wisconsin. Read the full detailed plan in chapter seven.

10. Chapter 8: Energy Independent Wisconsin (Download and print)
Mark’s goal is to make Wisconsin an energy innovation leader without growing government, mandating market choices, or killing jobs through rules and regulations. We will reduce our dependence on foreign oil and have tremendous job creation in the energy sector. Mark's entire detailed plan for energy independence in written out in chapter eight of the book.

11. Chapter 9: Protect Outdoor Wisconsin (Download and print)
In order to preserve Wisconsin’s wildlife and natural resources, the DNR must be run by accountable, experienced, and dedicated leaders. Mark Neumann supports a governor’s appointment for the secretary of the DNR to ensure that the secretary is accountable to an elected official–and thus the voters–and not just to an unaccountable, unelected board. Read more about Mark's plan in chapter nine.

12. Chapter 10: Taxpayer Empowerment Amendment (Download and print)
A Neumann Administration will propose its own version, known as the T.E.A. Act. Mark will call on the Wisconsin legislature to pass bills that will increase representation by the people, ensuring that the government is not the final arbiter of its own power. Read the full detailed plan in chapter ten of Mark's book.

13. Chapter 11: Restore Trust in Madison (Download and print)
Mark has a plan to reform Madison with a plan that includes term limits, posting legislation on the internet for the voters of Wisconsin to read, and focus on the issues, not fundraising. Read his full plan to reform politics in Madison and across the State in chapter eleven of his book.

14. Chapter 12: Reform Health Care in Wisconsin (Download and print)
Mark believes people in Wisconsin have the right to choose private health care insurance and should be able to say 'no' to government-imposed coverage. Once Wisconsin is free from the federal government’s overexpansion, a Neumann Administration will work to develop health care policy that both expands coverage and reduces the costs of health care here in Wisconsin. Read the entire detailed 10-point plan in the final chapter of his book.

15. Addendum: About Mark Neumann (Download and print)
Learn more about Mark by reading this brief biography contained at the end of the book.




These hand-outs are great to give to friends and neighbors who want to learn more about Mark Neumann.


1. Tri-fold Color Brochure (Download and Print)Tri-Fold Brochure
Note: if you do not have a high-quality printer, you might want to print off this document at your local FedEx Kinko’s or print shop.


2. Full Mark Neumann Biography (Download and Print)
The same information that's found here:


3. One-page Mark Neumann Biography (Download and Print)
A short introduction to Mark Neumann's background.


4. Compare the Candidates: Resumes (Download and Print)
Compares the resumes of Mark Neumann, Scott Walker, and Tom Barrett.  This is a summary of:


5. Compare the Candidates: Spending (Download and Print)
Compares the spending records and results (NOT rhetoric!) of Mark Neumann, Scott Walker, and Tom Barrett.  This is a summary of:


6. Compare the Candidates: 2nd Amendment (Download and Print)
Compares the 2nd Amendment records (NOT rhetoric!) of Mark Neumann, Scott Walker, and Tom Barrett.  This is a summary of:


7. Republican Libery Compact (Download and Print)
The compact, signed by Mark Neumann, that led to the endorsement by the Republican Liberty Caucus - "The Conscience of the Republican Party"




Mark has created plans to create a strong Wisconsin. No gimmicks, no games, but strong conservative plans to move the State forward.  Print off these plans and share them with those you know.


1. Plan to reduce spending and lower taxes (Download and print)
We need more than just promises to cut spending and lower taxes in our State: we need a plan. Mark has a detailed plan to fix the spending problem in Wisconsin and you can read it and share it with others.

2. Plan to create 300,000 jobs (Download and print)
This detailed proposal to bring jobs to Wisconsin is a plan to expand what has worked in North Carolina to a statewide plan in Wisconsin.

3. Plan for excellence in education (Download and print)
Mark knows education. He has not only been the student, but has worked as a math teacher at the high school and collegiate level as well as sitting on the board of choice schools in downtown Milwaukee. Mark took his experience and knowledge from all aspects of the education system and created a plan to turn the education system in Wisconsin around.

4. Plan for health care (Download and print) 
Not only is Mark opposed to Obamacare and will fight to repeal it, but he has also created a plan to keep health care costs down in the State of Wisconsin and address the problems with the health care system in our State.

5. 2nd Amendment stance (Download and print)
Mark is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, and has pledged to sign concealed carry legislation into law upon being elected Governor. 

6. 10th Amendment stance (Download and print)
Mark supports the right of the State as granted by the Constitution of the United States, and as Governor plans to honor and uphold it as the executive of the State of Wisconsin.

7. Plan for transportation (Download and print)
Mark's business background helps him understand the concept of 'sunk costs' — taking a small immediate hit is much smarter and more responsible than accepting a long-term ongoing burden, especially when the money belongs to the people of Wisconsin and will stop the Doyle Stimulus Train.

8. Plan for energy and the environment (Download and print)
Mark's energy platform will end Wisconsin's dependence on foreign oil within one generation by using free market incentives and conservative principles and opposing government mandates, which results in the creation and relocation of thousands of jobs to Wisconsin without destroying existing jobs.

9. Sanctity of life stance (Download and print) 
Mark is pro-life and fought for the rights of the unborn during his 4 years in Congress and will continue to fight for their rights as Governor of Wisconsin.



If you are at a fair, parade or local GOP office, you can hand these out. They are also great to pass around to your neighborhood.


Full page donate form (Download and print)
Send in your donation from home by printing and sending this in with your check.

Half page donate form (Download and print)

Endorsement form (Download and print)
Offer your personal public endorsement and support for Mark Neumann for Governor by filling out this form and mailing it back to the campaign headquarters at 2120 Pewaukee Road Suite 150, Waukesha, WI 53188. 

Volunteer form (Download and print) 
Get your friends to sign up to get more involved, sign them up and send the information back to the Neumann campaign headquarters to get them started!




These forms give you the tools you need to be an activist from home using social media and reaching out to your local publications.


List of online resources (Download and print)
Links to all of the online resources: Facebook, Twitter, youtube, are all available here with descriptions.  It has been very important to Mark from the very beginning of his campaign to bring the state together by using technology, and by following the movement on these different sites you can be a part of it too.

Alternative list of online resources (Download and print)
A more basic list of the previous form, this one has just the links without the descriptions to pass along to others to allow them to get more involve in the statewide online grassroots movement.

How to write a letter to the editor (Download and print)
A great way to get the word out in your community is by writing a letter to the editor in your local paper or publication.  This form has the guidelines and some helpful tips to writing an effective letter to the publication of your choice.

Mark's presentation "Vision for Wisconsin's Future" (Download and present)
If you were to print this presentation, I would recommend going to a print shop because of the amount of color, but this presentation is a good one to share with friends and family and gives a great overview of Mark's vision for the future of the State of Wisconsin.




These handouts were made by the campaign and handed out at various events.  You too can print them out from home and share them when you go to events or parades.


"No More Career Politicians" hand-out (Download and print)
A great handout that points out the basic facts about Mark Neumann and what he stands for. A great flyer to pass around your neighborhood and at the bottom includes the website, so that they can come here to learn more about Mark and his candidacy.

"Mark Neumann is Pro-life" hand-out (Download and print)
This flyer has quotes from pro-life leaders and it has Mark's pro-life voting record listed. A great flyer to hand out to fellow pro-lifers to inform them about Mark's long-standing support for the pro-life movement.





This packet has your basic biography, resources and sample photos for your blog.


Mark's biography (Download and print)
The same information that's found here:

Online resources (Download and print)
Links to all of the online resources: Facebook, Twitter, youtube, are all available here with descriptions.  It has been very important to Mark from the very beginning of his campaign to bring the state together by using technology.

Headshot (1) (Download and paste)
Photo of Mark that can be used for a blog post or for other media purposes.

Headshot (2) (Download and paste)
Another photo of Mark that can be used for a blog post and also for other media purposes.





All of the images that we use for bumper stickers, yard signs and other campaign materials are all located here. If you would like to make your own signs, banners or promotional materials, feel free to use any of these images as you wish, and make your own stickers, signs, etc.


Yard sign graphic (Download)
This is the image used on the yard signs distributed out of campaign headquarters.

Banner graphic (Download)
This graphic can be blown up without the image being distorted, you can take it to the company of your choosing and create your own banner, or simply use it as a computer graphic.

Bumper sticker graphic (Download)
This is the image used on the bumper stickers handed out at the office, and if you would like to make and distribute your own you may use this graphic as well. 

Label/Sticker graphic (Download)
Make your own stickers or use this graphic as your profile image on your personal social media pages (Twitter, Facebook, etc).

Logo graphic (Download)
If you make your own flyers, you can use this graphic, this logo will also work well as a temporary social media avatar (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

Icon graphic (Download)
This graphic would also work well on a homemade flyer and as a social media avatar.



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