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Fundraising Blog: Personal Fundraising Pages

user profile image August 10th, 2010 by Neal Harrington - Comments (0)

In the new era of political fundraising, technology is a critical component that must be utilized to reach your fundraising potential. Fundraising groups, online stores, and campaign social networks are all examples of ways technology is being incorporated into political fundraising. Another example – and maybe the most important one – is “Personal Fundraising Pages” (PFP).

Easy to create, fun to use, and extremely beneficial to campaigns, PFP’s are a new way citizens can have a direct impact on the political process. If you have a account, you may support Mark Neumann’s campaign by creating your own PFP. This feature allows you to set a goal and track donations using the fundraising widget. It also allows you to invite others to donate and watch your impact on the campaign grow. Perhaps the coolest part of the fundraising page is a Wisconsin thermometer that tracks the amount of money you’ve raised, compared to your goal. Follow these easy steps to create your PFP:

  1. Go to your Dashboard, and click the “Fundraise” button on the right, or click the icon in the “My Fundraising” box.

  2. The PFP automatically selects a page title, a page message, and a goal of $500. You may edit this by clicking the “Edit” button above the page title.

  3. The PFP automatically generates your profile picture for the page image. However, you may upload a picture of yourself, of Mark, or of whatever you want by clicking the “Edit fundraising picture” button above the title.

  4. Finally, you may invite friends and contacts in one of four easy ways:

    1. Inviting contacts manually will bring up a box in which you may write email addresses.
    2. Inviting contacts from your email provider will invite everyone from your email account.
    3. Uploading contacts from your computer will allow you to upload a list of email addresses.
    4. Inviting contacts on will bring up a box of all your friends. You may click the box next to their name to invite them.

Advanced computer users may also explore the following:

  1. A link to copy and paste to friends
  2. A link to embed your page in a website or blog
  3. A link to embed the Wisconsin thermometer in a website or blog

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