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Mark to Compete in Stein Holding Competition

user profile image August 19th, 2010 by JP Mason - Comments (2)

Back in February, the campaign attended the celebration of Fasching or Karneval (German Mardi Gras) at the Old German Beer Hall in Milwaukee. It is a German tradition to have a sitting politician or candidate for political office tap the first keg of beer. In this case, Mark Neumann tapped a keg of 2010 Strong Bock from Hofbrauhaus in Munich.

While at Karneval, Mark decided to compete in the stein holding competition, in which he and several other competitors held a stein of beer (appx. 1 liter) straight out in front of them until the last person dropped. After about seven minutes, Mark won!


Check out this video from the event, including the stein holding contest


Tonight, Mark will be competing at the Old German Beer Hall once again. The stakes are higher - this is the regional semifinals and the winner will move on to at the finals compete in New York. Come join the campaign and supporters as we cheer Mark on tonight!


P.S. - Here is an AP article about tonight's event


*UPDATE* - Mark won!


Mark is the Masskrugstemmen Champion!
Mark won! It was such a fun event! Way to go Mark!

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