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Wisconsin Job Retention, Creation, and Attraction

The highest priority of an administration led by Mark Neumann will be the retention of jobs already in Wisconsin, the creation of new jobs within Wisconsin's existing companies and new Wisconsin companies, and the attraction of new businesses to Wisconsin bringing their quality job opportunities with them.

To that end the Neumann administration will focus on reducing the tax rate in Wisconsin significantly, assuring that Wisconsin children are the best educated in the world, creating the best educated work force in the world, and working to preserve the environment in ways that are not punitive toward businesses.

Initially, the Neumann administration will enact a policy leading to an orderly return to honest budgeting. For example, the practice of taking the money collected at the gas pump intended for use in building roads and spending it on other pork projects will not be allowed. Accounting gimmicks will not be tolerated.

Once the budget is stabilized and its integrity restored, the Neumann administration will work to incrementally reduce the tax rates in Wisconsin by 24%, across the board, over an eight year period of time. With Wisconsin tax rates significantly lower and a plan in place to reduce the rate even further, Wisconsin will once again become competitive in the global markets. (Click here for details on the tax plan.)

Many in the political world will scoff at the goal of reducing Wisconsin tax rates by 24% as not obtainable. The tax and spend policies suggested by the Neumann administration are actually very similar to the policies Mark Neumann was actively involved in implementing while in Congress in 1994-1998. There the policies were initially scoffed at as well.

"...some freshman nobody from nowheresville has just jumped off the turnip-truck..."
– Washington Times, April 21, 1995   Click here to read more quotes about Mark

Four years later, however, the federal budget was balanced, debt was being repaid, and the largest tax reduction in American history had been passed. Millions of jobs were created.

If Wisconsin can truly be on a track to systematically and incrementally reduce the tax rates it will become much more likely that businesses will choose Wisconsin to either stay with their jobs or relocate to Wisconsin bringing new jobs. However, this is not enough to make Wisconsin globally competitive in the job market.

Wisconsin must have the best educated children in the world. A highly educated public will attract great jobs and businesses. Wisconsin must encourage our great public schools to become even better. We must also encourage competition through choice and charter schools where the public schools are mediocre and/or failing. Click here for details on the education plans.

The third leg of the Neumann administration's vision to keep, create, and attract jobs to Wisconsin is related to costly rules and regulations. We will recognize two very important goals simultaneously.

First, preserving and protecting the environment for future generations of Americans is an important and worthy undertaking.

Second, however, is that many of the environmental rules and regulations that are in place in Wisconsin and America as a whole, including the recently proposed "cap and trade" rules, are not in effect in other parts of the world. From a cost perspective this gives our global competitors an advantage over Wisconsin.

The Neumann administration will, within its first nine months in office, develop a specific policy that will maintain the effort to preserve our environment while at the same time work to relieve the businesses of the costly burdens of the present policies. The policy will look to create Wisconsin jobs in the green technology areas that will improve the quality of our environment more than the present policy and simultaneously reduce the costly burdens that current policies place on our businesses. Click here to see details on environmental issues.

Mark Neumann is not new to this concept as his company recently started building energy producing homes. These homes literally produce more energy than is needed to heat and cool the homes, run all the appliances, the lights, stove, refrigerator, etc.; and if requested, to power an electric auto to and from work. The real key is that this project was built in an economically viable way.

The significance of this concept is brought into perspective when one realizes that 47% of all carbon emission comes from buildings. This home emits virtually no carbon emissions. The environment can be significantly improved for future generations using today's technology in an entrepreneurial manner to create jobs rather than by punishing businesses.

With a significantly lower tax rate, the best educated workforce in the world, and relief from costly rules and regulations, Wisconsin will once again lead the nation in job growth and be globally competitive.

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