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Plan 9: Protect Outdoor Wisconsin

"Wisconsin has some of the most beautiful outdoor locations in the world. We offer an abundance of fun outdoor activities for young, old, family or individual. And the Neumann family enjoys just about all of them.

"Our family loves to camp, hike and boat. My dad taught me to fish and hunt as a young boy, and I've passed those lessons on to my children. There's no better place than Wisconsin for any them.

"But to keep our outdoors the best in the world we not only need a governor who appreciates our beautiful landscapes and plentiful wildlife, but also one who has a plan to preserve and maintain their beauty.

"Rather than an unelected board managing our Department of Natural Resources, I'm convinced we need a cabinet level secretary responsible to the people of Wisconsin.

"I will task the new Secretary of Natural Resources with management of our parks, wildlife and habitat.

"My plan also calls for protecting our lakes from Asian Carp. These large fish threaten the health of our own domestic species, and the economic well-being of those whose livelihoods depend on fishing and tourism.

"And because we can't protect our lakes without the cooperation and help of neighboring Great Lakes' states, I'll bring other Governors together to create a regional lakes task force at the very highest level so we protect our lakes for the generations to come."

- Mark Neumann


Wisconsin needs a Governor who understands that Wisconsin is the best place in the world for outdoor activities. The next Governor needs to take action to preserve the state's natural resources and beauty and market it to the world.

Mark Neumann is a lifelong outdoorsman. He's been fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, and boating in Wisconsin since he was a child. He is the only candidate for Governor who is a lifelong hunter.

Mark Neumann downs a buck.

Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

In order to preserve Wisconsin's wildlife and natural resources, the DNR must be run by accountable, experienced, and dedicated leaders. Mark Neumann supports a governor's appointment for the secretary of the DNR to ensure that the secretary is accountable to an elected official—and thus the voters—and not just to an unaccountable, unelected board.

Proper Wildlife Management

Many sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts are concerned about the management of the deer herd and wolf population. A Neumann Administration will look to protect the future of our natural resources and our strong hunting tradition.

Protect Against Asian Carp

Asian carp pose a significant threat to the balance of the Great Lakes ecosystem. This invasive species is large, eats massive amounts of food, proliferates, and is well-suited to our climate. As Governor, Mark Neumann will work with other states to immediately neutralize this threat to our natural resources.

Best State Parks in America

Mark Neumann understands that Wisconsin has some of the best natural resources in the world. For many rural communities, these natural resources can serve as an economic engine for revenue from tourists.

Mark Neumann's Plan

Private Sector DNR Secretary

As Governor, Mark Neumann supports the gubernatorial appointment of the DNR secretary. A governor-appointed DNR secretary is accountable to the Governor, and the Governor is accountable to the voters.

Neumann is a business owner and he will run Wisconsin more like a business. In all his businesses, the people leading the departments are accountable for that department. They are also the most experienced, knowledgeable people in the marketplace.

As Governor, Neumann will find the best person to lead each department. He will look to appoint a DNR secretary from the private sector; someone who has experience complying with the DNR's rules, regulations, and bureaucracy and interacting with the DNR in its present form. A Neumann appointee will be charged with turning the DNR into a business-friendly and outdoorsman-friendly organization. The ideal candidate will also be an avid outdoorsman who enjoys hunting and fishing.

Mark Neumann explains his position regarding the appointment of the DNR secretary.

Proper Wildlife Management

Many Wisconsin hunters, sportsmen, and outdoor enthusiasts believe that deer herd management has been unsatisfactory in recent years. The Wisconsin DNR needs to make sure there is an appropriate amount of deer. As a fellow hunter, Mark Neumann could not agree more. Given his lifelong experience as a hunter, Neumann will sit down with the Natural Resources Board and the DNR secretary to discuss viable ways of maintaining the size of deer herd.

There are also concerns regarding the wolf population in Wisconsin. Wolves have been removed from the federal endangered species list, and their numbers have grown significantly in our state. Discussions over how to manage the wolf herd need to consider their effect on the deer population as well as livestock. As Governor, Mark Neumann will call on the Natural Resources Board and the DNR head to fix these problems.

Wisconsin is in a better position to correctly assess and manage our natural resources than the federal government. Wisconsin is known worldwide for its hunting and outdoor tradition. Mark Neumann views these issues as belonging to the State; not the federal government.

Protect Against Asian Carp

Asian carp are widely recognized as an invasive species with regard to the Great Lakes ecosystem. These fish are known for their large size and extraordinary appetites, which can pose a significant problem to the food chain in the Great Lakes. This could have a serious impact on the fishing industry and the entire Great Lakes economy and ecosystem.

As Governor, Mark Neumann will look at solutions to curb the invasion of Asian carp in the Great Lakes. These solutions will be worked out in tandem with other Great Lakes states and private groups who together will come up with an adequate fix.

Neumann supports the current effort made to stop the entry of Asian carp into the Great Lakes by temporarily closing the Chicago Locks while a long-term solution is sought, and applauds the legislature for allowing Attorney General JB Van Hollen to file suit with other Great Lakes states in this matter.1 As Governor, Mark Neumann would assist the Attorney General by using the governor's chair as a bully pulpit to make this into a critical national issue that must be resolved.

Best State Parks in America

Wisconsin has the climate, topography, and natural resources that make it unique and attractive. From the world famous Northwoods to beaches along Lake Michigan, Wisconsin offers a wide variety of outdoor activities. A Neumann Administration will not only ensure that Wisconsin's state parks are among the best in the country, but will also aggressively market these resources to make sure that those interested in the activities afforded by these lakes, trails, beaches, et cetera, are made aware of all that our state has to offer.

In conjunction with local businesses and an economic development team made up of people from the private sector [see Mark Neumann's plan to CREATE 300,000 JOBS for details ], Mark Neumann will make sure that Wisconsin's parks are marketed to the level they deserve. The cost of marketing will be tempered by the expectation that every dollar spent returns 10 dollars in tax revenue through job growth and increased economic activity. Mark Neumann will work with the state park authorities to ensure that Wisconsin's pristine environment and natural beauty are preserved, so that future generations will be able to enjoy them as much as our generation does today.

Mark Neumann's Record

Hunting: A Neumann Family Tradition

As a lifelong hunter, Mark Neumann understands and shares many of the concerns and positions of hunters in Wisconsin. Hunting has been a part of the Neumann family tradition for generations. His father took him on his first hunting outing. He taught his children how to shoot. In fact, while he was in the United States Congress, Neumann was faced with a very difficult decision. On election night when it became apparent he had won his first race, he made a promise to his son to still take him hunting as had been family tradition. His first fall in office, Newt Gingrich called for a special Saturday session on the opening weekend of deer hunting. Mark kept his word to his son and took more than a little heat for doing so.

Mark Neumann hunting with sons Matt (left) and Andy.

Neumann remains an avid outdoorsman enjoying bow hunting, whitetail rifle hunting, pheasant hunting, and elk hunting on occasion. He is also a member of the National Rifle Association and in the past they have endorsed him and gave him an "A+" grade.

Mark Neumann's DNR Licenses

YEAR Fishing License Small Game Gun Deer Archery Pheasant Stamp Waterfowl Turkey Permit Patron License
2008  XX    
2007 XXXX X 
2006XXXXX X 
2002 XXXX XX
2001   X X  

1 Dan Egan, Van Hollen Joins Fight Against Carp, MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL, Dec. 16, 2009, available at

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Paid for by Mark Neumann for Governor, Matt Neumann, Treasurer.




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