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Meatheads For Mark

----- Fist Pumpin' For Votes! -------

.....that's about it.

Oh yea; Discuss stuff with us about politics at our new office-

Golds Gym (between the dumbbells and incline bench)

The first 5 new members get a free whey isolate (30g per serving) protein drink and a sample of the new
creatine monohydrate for your pre-workout routine! BOO- YEA!

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Election Integrity

As we move forward toward the upcoming elections, we need to make sure the voting process is in place and the results are accurate. This Group is used to share information on the issue and as necessary action.

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Citizen's Initiative Amendment

When Legislatures refuse to take actions the Citizens demand of them, or substitute their bias for the Will of the People, it becomes neccesary to bypass the Legislature.

To that purpose, I propose we amend the Wisconsin State Constitution, enacting a Citizen's Initiative process similar to the Voter Initative process in California. The "Voter Revolt" in California, aka Proposition 13, was a truly revolutionary use of that power by the Citizens. It's long overdue in Wisconsin, and will protect the collective voice of the Citizens for years to come.

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The Wisconsin State Constitution

Once we assert the Tenth Amendment at the Federal level, we come to State Constitutional issues. This group is intended as a focal point for that subject: this remarkable document that codified the infamous Liberties in the Declaration of Independence into Law, where the United States Constitution did not.

Article One, Section One:

SECTION 1. [As amended Nov.
1982 and April 1986] All people are born equally free and independent,
and have certain inherent rights; among these are life,
liberty and the pursuit of happiness; to secure these rights, governments
are instituted, deriving their just powers from the consent
of the governed. [1979 J.R. 36, 1981 J.R. 29, vote Nov.
1982; 1983 J.R. 40, 1985 J.R. 21, vote April 1986]

5 members
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Jail and Probation for Fun and Profit

A discusion of Law Enforcement and Corrections with a focus on Profiteering, Privatization and Property Seizure - and making a Business that can radically damage a Citizen's interests a Nonprofit affair.

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Revoke the Smoking Ban in Taverns

Discussion of efforts to revoke the Smoking Ban in Bars and Taverns.

I recognize that the Government may, indeed, have a Compelling Interest in keeping smoking out of an environment that:

1.) is in the business of Food Service as it's primary function.
2.) does not, by default, bar Minors from entry.

Bars and Taverns, however, are AdultLand. Adults have the God-given Liberties of Full Citizenship.

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Don't Blame Capitalism

This group is dedicated to the education of austrian economics, freedom, capitalism, the constitution, and how government policies are the cause of unintended consequences.

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Fundraisers For Mark


It takes special commitment to offer financial support to any candidate. Thanks to donors like you, Mark will have the necessary resources to share his message with the good people of Wisconsin in all 72 counties.

Our goal is simple — to win on November 2, 2010 and begin to develop the base for good paying jobs to return to Wisconsin for generations to come.

Your commitment to Mark is as valuable as ever. Thank you again for your part in making Wisconsin stronger for our children and grandchildren.

Resources For Fundraising:




10 members
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Media Watch for Mark

This is an activity based group for people interested in being a media watchdog for Mark and to let us know what they're saying about the campaign around the state. Post articles and blog posts, listen to what radio hosts are saying and tell us about it.


Here are some suggested media outlets from around the state.

Milwaukee Area:

620 WTMJ

Newstalk 1130

Milwaukee Journal Sentinal

Madison Area:

1310 WIBA

The Capital Times

Wisconsin State Journal

Green Bay/Fox Valley

97.5FM 1360AM WTAQ

Green Bay Press Gazette

Appleton Post Cresent

The Northwestern

Wausau Area:

99.9FM 550AM WSAU

Wausau Daily Herald

Eau Claire/La Crosse Area:

News Talk 790 WAYY

1410 WIZM

Eau Claire Leader Telegraph

La Crosse Tribune


16 members
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Home Base Volunteers for Mark

This group is for those volunteers who want to stay active with the campaign, helping with office projects when they can and showing their support for Mark at local events and rallys.

The purpose of this group is to update volunteers on opportunities to help in the office on a weekly basis.  Updates will also be given for local events, rallys, press conferences and other chances to show support for Mark in the community.

It is beneficial to live in the counties around Waukesha, where our campaign office is located, but it is not necessary.

19 members
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